RECORD RELEASE: 26.02.16 - Wild Rover 1930h

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The Aachen-based band “Zen factor” was brought to life by guitarist/producer Martin Rohdich in 2012 as a custom-made outlet for his very own version of heavy, contemporary rock music. In Heiko Wätjen (vocals), Slawek Semeniuk (bass) and Mirko Kirch (drums) he found the perfect peers to turn this endeavour into a highly individual, tight and dynamic rock band.
Their self-produced and self-titled debut album is out now, and has been received favorably by the press:
“R.O.C.K. n a rather timeless incarnation – driving guitar riffs, clever breaks, short and fleet-fingered guitar solos and a singer who knows when to come forward and when to step back and leave the obnoxious vocal posing of some heavy rock acts in the drawer” (Richard Mariaux)



26.Feb 2016 - 1930h - Wild Rover Aachen



Heiko Wätjen
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Heiko Wätjen
Alfonsstr. 53
52070 Aachen